Our History At El Caporal

Our story began in 1993 after losing our jobs. We thought about ways we could cope with unemployment. We decided to meet with my mother for a loan of $5,000. We traveled to Irapuato GTO, Mexico –my hometown and bought sneakers, toys, and anything we could carry in our truck with a cabin. As we began to grow we decided to take a risk and sold everything we had to buy our first pair of boots, jackets, and belts. At the time we would sell at different flea markets in San Fernando, California until a gentleman recommended we start selling in Fresno, California. We started to travel every week for 4 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to the different flea markets. We began to see success and decided to move to Fresno and start a new life in 1993. With effort, dedication, tenacity and family we are still here and growing. When your thoughts and heart know what they want, everything is possible! This is the story of the Family, Negrete, Velazco, and Guevara.
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